Hi, I'm Leeroyd.

I'm freelance designer and interfaces builder based in Paris.

About my skills

adobe - Photoshop


adobe - Illustrator


Design Theory




Graphic design

Regarding my software practice, i'd simply say that I have spent a fair amount of time using photoshop & vector graphics editors. I'm always looking to improve my workflow and my knowledge. I'm learning design theory since 2 years at school, a learning that I complete with pratice, books and blogs. I practice drawing and I'm familiar with the use of graphic tablets.

User Experience Design

I spent two years studying web related User Experience Design at EEMI reviewing existing projects and looking to solve given user experience issues. I’m focusing my professional observation on UX, and once again, completing my learning with books and blogs.



Front-End Developement

I'm very familiar with Jquery and Raphael.js when svg is involved.


Regarding HTML 5 & CSS3, I have a good knowledge of specifications, best practices, hacks and impact on SEO. I can take care of responsive and cross-browsers/devises integration and design.


(Mainly school projects - Small picks from the last 4 months in chronological order)


The point of this school exercice was to make an original "Official Movie Website", I did pick Superman and here is the result, well actually its more of a proof of concept. Delays were short.

ombreLogo superman

Notification Email for Explee (inspectable)

Email Comparator

Logo design for school project named "mail comparator", the goal was to design a platform dedicated to email, email client, scam, bestpractice, mail templates. Eventualy find ways to monetize the platform.

Logo explanation:

On a superficial depth we can see the traditional yellow mail with a blue carton under the upperfold. On a second level appears the checkbox to remind the comparison. Finaly on a third level you can see an “e” and an “c” on the gray frame wich are the initials of the product.

A small vector coffee cup

Realised on a practice training using illustrator. While we are on the coffee topic, I'm always ready for a cup of coffee if you want to discuss about your projects.